Napoleonic Blues (11 track album)

by Ostara

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11 songs exploring the epic devastation of empires, rulers, rebels, rogues and renegades, from the ghosts of the Eternal City to the grotesque efflorescence of the Caliphate, the scorched streets of Gaza, the gloom of Tehran and the simmering wreckage of Detroit. Inspired by the famous picture of the defeated emperor at Fontainebleau, 'Napoleonic Blues' is a reflection on the persistence of the past in the chaos of the present, history's long shadow that refuses to dissolve, a journey through the night and fog that lingers like the smoke of an eternal flame.

This is a polished standout album, a testament that the neofolk genre is still capable of seminal work." - Heathen Harvest

"It's an uplifting and spirited recording fusing acoustic folk with a pop sheen that shines throughout Napoleonic Blues." - Compulsion, UK

"...a strong, well-produced album, which from my point of view is one of their best." - NonPop


released January 31, 2017

Richard Leviathan - music, lyrics, guitars, percussion, vocals
David Lokan - bass, production
Tom Weir - percussion, production


all rights reserved



Ostara Adelaide, Australia

Richard Leviathan, formerly of Strength Through Joy.

Ostara has been Richard Leviathan’s solo project since 2002, with six previous releases that have firmly established him in the Neofolk genre alongside Death in June, Sol Invictus, Rome, Spiritual Front, Fire and Ice, Of the Wand and the Moon and others.

"Napoleonic Blues" is the seventh album, to be released on CD, January 2017
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Track Name: The Rift
Whom the gods
Wish to curse
They make mad
Putting angels in the heads
of the bad
and demons
in the hearts
of the sad
Whom the gods Wish to curse
They betray
Laden with the weight of the world
Hollow to the echo of pain
Step onto the edge
Open your eyes
to the depths
to the depths
Where the dancer
Becomes the dance
Where the liar
Becomes the lie
Where the light
Becomes the fire
The fire of desire
Where the man
Becomes the mask
Where the future
Becomes the past
Where the famed
Become the damned
This is where the end begins
Deep in the night within
Deep down
you’ll never win
Deep in
the deepest rift
Where you can only drift
Who should seek
to love forever
Beware the threat of the never
the daggers
in your heart
Who should seek
to live by truth
Be wary
of the burden of proof
That the power
makes to veil
Track Name: Black Templar
The world I love
is the world I lost
Broken plundered and wasted
The memory burnt
from the soil
and the sun
a black epitaph
of the ages
The world you curse
is the one I love
The Virgin a Whore
in the garden
Crowned upon
the earth’s ordure
I bear no wound
and I bring no cure
Pain is where
this world begins
Pain is the heart
of all endings
Every pilgrim
that bears
this burden of Truth
Only the few
have learnt to lose
I curse the Father
and I scourge the Son
I burn down
the Holy of Holies
the One in Three
and the Three in None
The march of the Proud Black Templar
Track Name: Blood to Stone
In the depths
of the wood where the altar once stood
Wind sighs
with the sorrow of the soul
These are days when Sweet is bitter
These are nights when life burns cold
These are times when the curse
is of gold
Turning blood into stone
In the shadow of decline
Flesh the candle to the knife
Thunder calls to the lightning and the sun
Track Name: Devil in Detroit
Charon take me
Cross the river
to the south end
of the world
Bordered towers
Broken spires
and a scar-cracked Face with burns
Caesar’s palace
by the water
Where the Odyssey Ends in lust
Ghosts of glory
Ninety stories
and a hundred roads to rust
And we find ourselves
Alive and well
in the face of hell
and we find ourselves
Alight and dancing with the Devil
in the city on a hill
to shoot is to kill
Bethlehem and Sodom
Heaven at the bottom
in the city on a hill
to shoot is to thrill
Angels at the bottom
Paris dandy
Morning brandy
Strange fruit
from old vines
Called me Brother
My Jewish Other
at the warehouse altar high
Dollar hustle
Every muscle
Candy crosses
for your losses
Semi-naked bombshell
Smoking with a death’s head
in her eye
Track Name: Burnt Offerings
If I could build a church to you
I’d take up the cross
If I could make you Immortal
I’d be the first
if not the last
This love
is blindly bright
Will we make it through the night?
Unto these
Burnt offerings
Make them dance
Make them sing
Unto these
Burnt offerings
Make them dance
Shining like a star and
Glowing from afar and
Coming forth by day
Dying like a moment
Filled with all
the omens
that we glean
If I could be your saint
I’d take you Down to hell
If I could rebuild Rome
I’d let you Watch it burn
This life is breaking down
Will we make it to the dawn?
Track Name: The Caliphate
Beat the body‘til it’s still
Twist the mind and shape the will
They’ll be faithful
Ever faithful
Spirit ghosting
in the haze
They are the burning
We are the pyre
They are
the preachers
of the lie
We are the witness
Swiftly going blind
Roots of the past
We can never escape
Ruins of the ages
Shadow the day
Here in our towers
Tossed against the tides
in the pleasure of life
In the treasure of life
You still find the night
Take the mother
from the child
Put the father
in the ground
Smash the temples into pebbles
Leave a hole
where there was love
Track Name: Napoleonic Blues
This is when
I start to cry
All these lonely tears
Burning up the night and though
I overflow my heart is still alight
This is when
I start to cry
And I see a vision
of the world on fire
See the second
as the earth subsides on the edge
of the end of time
on a roll
of a loaded dice
This is when
I start to fray
Roses blooming
and mocking
our decay
and though we still embrace
our hearts are filled with pain
This is when
I start to fray
No forever now
Just this passing hour
In a moment
We’ll be dust
Track Name: Red Swan
You can try and rewrite history
You won’t take
the writing
from the wall
You can try
fake my story
You won’t heed the siren of my call
See the crescent bleeding
Fading in the sky
Hear the sound of a violin reeling
Singing as I die You can break my bones
Blind my eyes
Fill my dreams with your dark lullaby
You can break my heart
Take my life Take my soul but you’ll never
Take me down
Take me out
I feel the bullet Burn
right through me
Frozen in the fire of my eyes
This is the pain that will bind my memory
In memory I fly
We’re rising, dying
but the spirit never drowns
So many souls
will be lost
to darkness
Forever will be now
I will face your guns
Face your lies
Stare you down
Bear it out Leda
Track Name: Canaan
Garden on the hill
Fences wrench the ground
Pale sun
Pale sun climbs
Old man mourns
Child lies dying
Pale sun
Pale sun Christ-like
Falling like angels and lying like lovers
Fighting like brothers
Blaming the other Falling like angels
and lying like lovers
Dying like brothers
Blaming the other
Wall stabs the sky
the sky passes by
Stars don’t bleed
They just quietly burn
and quietly die
in the blink of an eye
Garden on the hill
Stakes in the ground
Flowers, orchards and vines
Flags unfurl
Guns go quiet
Red sun, red sun Shines
An eye for an eye
A life for a life Pale sun,
pale sun Dies
Track Name: Pyre in the Sky
What if every soul was but a spark
Lighting up a second in the (dark)
Yearning to be one only to part?
What if every life was but a day
Flitter like the butterflies in (May)
What if every soul was born to die?
And I’ll raise myself up high
to the pyre
in the sky
and I’ll teach
my soul to fly
and I’ll bring
myself below
to the deepest
that I can go
and I’ll drown
into the night
What if truth
was something
we could seize
Would we die
Knowing we were
Nothing but an empty book of dreams?
Gazing in a billion grains of sand
Tearing down the walls of the Promised (Land)
Opening the heart to veil a lie
Track Name: Dark Night of the Soul
Time has a way to break down
a way to break in to our will
And if we
Take on this cross
Take on this loss
to the end
And I see
the light of my heart
The fire of my heart Burning low
Into this
Dark night of the soul
Dark night of the soul in which to go
Bring forth
What we can endure
What we can resist and overcome
With our torch raised
High to the night
High to the night Black and cold

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